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Ballinluska Services recently made the switch from Sage to our construction-specific software Evolution Mx, allowing them to streamline their processes and become more efficient.


Ballinluska Services was incorporated in 2016 after starting out as a sole trader under the name O’Rourke Electrical & Mechanical. Fast forward to 2021 and the company based in Carrigaline, Co Cork, now employ 16 people with plans to grow further this year.

They undertake mechanical and electrical contracting and consultancy works and have worked on a variety of different projects including residential, commercial, industrial, HSE and more.

With their ambitious growth plans in place, Director Elaine Cox-O’Rourke decided the time was right to replace their generic accounting software Sage with a construction-specific solution.

Q: How was Evolution Mx impacted the day-to-day running of the business?

Elaine: Evolution Mx has made our supplier invoicing and job cost tracking so much easier. Up to now we had an Excel sheet where we tracked the costs and profits. Now, as soon as we enter a supplier invoice it is allocated.

Payroll is also costed correctly to each contract, with nothing being overlooked. Purchasing is also made so much more efficient, with all supplier price lists being stored on the software and constantly compared to get the best price.

Q: How does Evolution Mx compare to the software you previously used, Sage?

E: Previously we used Sage, which I cannot fault, but we then had to use a different software for payroll and Excel sheets to capture the job costs.

Now we have everything in one place. From the initial Contract set up to the final invoice being received. It has freed up so much time for other tasks, like getting the best prices from suppliers.

Q: Is there a specific area of your business implementing our software has had the biggest impact on?

E: The biggest impact has been for the accounts department. Processing payroll, and subcontractor invoices and payments. The fact that Evolution Mx is also linked with ROS is great – it takes the headache of making sure all submissions are made on time.  Evolution Mx takes care of it all.

Q: What would you say to other construction businesses thinking about investing in our construction-specific software, Evolution Mx?

E: I would say that the initial outlay for Evolution Mx may seem high, but you will see the benefits almost immediately in time saved. The transition for us was easy from Sage as the training we received was excellent. Also, the people in customer service are very responsive with most queries settled in a few minutes – there is always someone there to help.