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Russell Armer are an independant award winning housebuilder based in Cumbria. The business had been running an Intellect accounts system for a number of years.

Following a review in 2012, it became apparent that the specific requirements of Russell Armer were not being met and the standard accounts system was causing a number of inefficiences, including the manual processing of information and lack of companywide costing visibility.

Financial Controller Karen Cowgill therefore went about researching alternative systems, and was keen to implement something designed specifically for use in the construction industry.

After researching other systems such as Easybuild and Sage, Karen felt that Evolution M from Integrity Software provided the closest match to their requirements.

In particular using construction software from Integrity, Russell Armer will benefit from using one fully integrated system which reduces the manual duplication which was occuring, allows the business to interrogate the Contract Ledger to provide instant access to job costing information, and caters for industry specific processes such as working with subcontractors.

Evolution M also contains a centralised document management system which enables Russell Armer to reduce documentation held outside of any system, and instead centrally store documents and files in the relevant places within the system, such as against a contract.

Integrity Software looks forward to working with Russell Armer and supporting their business for many years to come.