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Integrity Software’s <‘The pension reforms: what will they mean for your business’> is a succinct summary of the key requirements the pension reforms will impose upon UK construction firms, offering advice on how to remain compliant under the government’s new legislature.

The guide covers a best practice approach to identifying eligible workers under the terms of the pension reforms, as well as spotting those who remain exempt despite the changes.

Integrity Software has also offered advice regarding how and when to register with the pensions regulator in order to remain compliant and avoid incurring costly penalties.

The guide provides an additional breakdown of your duties as an employer under the new pension reforms, including auto-enrolment, managing opt-ins and opt-outs and communicating the changes with your staff.

‘We hope that by providing our guide to the pension reforms, Britain’s construction firms will be able to manage the changeover more quickly and effectively, whilst remaining compliant throughout the process’ said Integrity Software’s Managing Director, Justin Moule.