Time & Expenses

Allow your employees to track how many hours they work, per contract and log any associated expenses directly, for approval before submission to the Evolution Mx system. 

Mobile or Browser

Mobile or Browser

Approval Process

Approval Process

Updates to Payroll

Updates to Payroll

Benefits of Time & Expenses:

  • Employees record time worked, per contract, directly
  • Mobile app option
  • Expense claims can be added
  • Configurable approval process
  • Imports costs directly to Evolution Mx Payroll and Contract modules 

How does it work?

The Time & Expenses module allows users to record how many hours they've worked across the relevant contracts. 

A configured approval process allows for entries to be amended before submission.

This module also allows for recording of expense values and you can choose whether these go to payroll or purchase ledger, depending on how these claims should be paid.

The option for 'Managed Timesheets' allows for Site Managers to compile entries on behalf of the workers in their team, without requiring their individual access. 

Works Orders

Another way your workers can record the amount of hours they have worked, is by completing a mobile works order on our mobile app. This module can record information such as time spent travelling, along with the time the job started and was completed. 

Once hours of work have been submitted, these can be entered into an approval process before going into Payroll and Contract ledgers.

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Just like hours worked, expenses can be attributed to a particular contract. This can include things such as mileage, parking/tolls and any other expenses. 

Once approved, expense values will update contract costs and be payable through either Payroll or Purchase ledger payment routines. 

See Times & Expenses in action

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