Business Monitor

This module is a strategic business tool that can provide alerts on key financial and operational data automatically, saving you time and ensuring you are always up to date when it comes to vital information. 

Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Proactive Reminders

Proactive Reminders



Benefits of Business Monitor:

  • Can be configured to suit your business needs
  • Option for automated SMS and Email notifications
  • Works across whole Evolution Mx system
  • Supports key business decision making 

How does it work?

Our Business Monitor module can be configured to suit your company's needs and can be set up to detect things such as (but not limited to):

  • A supplier account having its bank details, or anything else, changed
  • Subcontractor insurance expiry date reached
  • Retentions due
  • Contracts over budget
  • Applications, Purchase orders and/or CVRs needing approval

Once your requirements have been established, the Business Monitor module will be continually looking for these changes and automatically reporting them to the specific users, via email or SMS. This means you don't need to worry about periodically checking these things manually.


One of the main features of the Business Monitor module is the ability to receive automatic alerts when there is a change in the specified data. 

These can be automated email/SMS alerts to specified users, regardless of whether they are logged into the system, ensuring that users receive notifications immediately.


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Support All Elements of Business

The Business Monitor module can access information from various different areas of Evolution Mx. This allows you to set up notifications regarding a number of different business elements, financial as well as commercial.

Key personnel are able to easily obtain key information automatically, that is accurate and up to date and can be used to support key business decisions.

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