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HMRC taking too long to repay VAT

HMRC taking too long to repay VAT

Reverse Charge VAT came into force in March, after being delayed twice before, and means that customers pay VAT directly to HMRC instead of with their usual bill. This has left a lot of construction contractors paying VAT to suppliers whilst not receiving it from their customers. 
Subcontractor Management Process

The Subcontractor Management Process

In the construction industry, the majority of projects include the hiring and managing of subcontractors. Subcontractors have always played an important role in helping construction companies complete projects, by providing the skills they need to get the job done, without having to directly employ people.
Digital Transformation

5 Barriers to Successful Digital Transformation for Construction Companies

The construction industry has typically lagged behind other sectors when it comes to the adoption of new technologies, but it seems that could finally be changing. Many construction companies are going through the process of digital transformation in a bid to boost productivity and efficiency, but there are still many barriers to overcome that are stopping many others from following suit. 
Construction Accounting Software

5 Key Reasons to Use Construction Accounting Software

Our construction accounting software is built specifically for the needs of the construction industry and is designed to improve efficiency throughout all areas of the business. Based on the specialist requirements of a construction business, it becomes difficult to use generic accounting software. Your construction business needs accounting software that is tailored to these specific needs, including the CIS scheme, subcontractors, retentions and more.  Read on to discover the 5 key reasons your business should be using construction accounting software:
Digitising Goods Received Notes

Digitising Goods Received Notes

Waiting for delivery notes to make their way back to the office from your sites slows down the payment of supplier invoices, but there is a more efficient way to process goods received notes. Our bestselling module, Mobile GRN, eliminates time spent waiting for delivery notes to get back to the office from site.
3 Benefits of Web-Based Construction Accounting Software

3 Benefits of Web-Based Construction Accounting Software

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus outbreak has been a huge disruptor of business across the world, perhaps most obviously in the construction industry. And whilst it’s not possible for your site staff to work from home, with the right tools your back office staff certainly can; enter web-based construction accounting software.
Managing Cash Flow Construction Effectively

Managing Construction Cash Flow Effectively

Effectively managing your construction business’ cash flow can be the difference between a successful business and a failing one. But how exactly do you manage construction cash flow to make sure your projects are profitable from start to finish?
Construction sites reopening amind pandemic

Construction Sites Reopening Amid Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has without a doubt been the single greatest disruptor to the construction industry since the 2008 recession, but the industry is thinking on its feet and adapting to make sites safe to facilitate a return to work amid the pandemic. Sophie Hurst, Managing Director of Integrity Software, writes.
How to Process Invoices Quicker

How To: Process Invoices Quicker

For large construction businesses undertaking many large projects at the same time, processing hundreds - or even thousands - of supplier invoices every month is a huge task in itself. So what can you do to help cut the time your team spends processing them? Read on to find out.
How The Government's Covid 19 Support Can Help Construction

How The Government's Covid-19 Support Can Help Construction

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a temporary set of measures in Friday evening’s daily press conference to support people and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, some of which will be instrumental in helping the UK construction industry to stay afloat during these unprecedented times. Read on the find out more.