Reflecting on 25 years in the industry: Q&A With Integrity Software MD Sophie Hurst

To celebrate International Women’s Day and how we are investing in women, we interviewed Integrity Software MD Sophie Hurst and asked her some questions about what it’s been like over the past 25 years as a woman in the industry.

Although a male lead industry, Sophie has worked to instil equality throughout all levels of the organisation from the ground up. This is what she had to say:


How long have you been in the industry?

I started in the industry in 1998 in a support role, the department was predominately male at the time, but even then I have always felt supported and never felt discriminated against because of my gender.


How long have you been at JDM / Integrity?

I started my career at another JDM business in 1998 and was asked to move over to Integrity in 2015 when JDM acquired Integrity Software. Being the first female Managing Director in the Group, I never perceived it as an issue, nor did I feel that diversity was discouraged. We now have 6 female Managing Directors/Presidents within the Group which is something I am proud to be a part of.


Were there any challenges you faced when joining the company? How have you tackled these?

I genuinely cannot recall a moment when I felt disadvantaged due to my gender. If ever such a situation arose, I made it my mission to challenge perceptions by consistently surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional results.


Did you have reservations or challenges regarding working in a male-lead industry?

I've never harbored any hesitations about working in this industry. I firmly believe in confronting challenges directly and refusing to let anything hinder progress towards achieving your ultimate objective.


As an MD, how have you worked to promote equality in the company / industry?

As a Managing Director, my approach to promoting equality within the company and industry is rooted in several key principles. Firstly, I prioritise hiring the most qualified individuals for each role, irrespective of factors such as gender, race, or educational background. Embracing diversity not only enriches our workforce but also enhances our ability to innovate and thrive. Furthermore, I actively promote our organisation's strong core values, ensuring they are upheld and integrated into every aspect of our operations. These values serve as a guiding light for our employees, fostering a culture of respect, fairness, and inclusivity. Importantly, I encourage open communication and value employee feedback. By actively listening to diverse perspectives and acting upon them, we create an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered to contribute to our collective success. This commitment to embracing diversity and promoting equality is fundamental to our company's ethos and long-term success.


Do you have any advice for others looking to promote a more diverse work culture?

Diversity and innovation are inseparable companions in my view. Embracing varying perspectives and novel concepts is essential for thriving businesses, and fostering such diversity should be encouraged throughout all levels of the organisation.



At Integrity Software we strive for equality and teamwork for all. For more on our team you can see our about section here, and you can find more information about International Women's Day here.

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