Sales Ordering made simple with Evolution Mx

In the construction industry managing your ordering can be a time-consuming task. As a part of our construction-specific accounting and management solution, our Sales Ordering module is ideal for construction businesses handling stock and speeds up the whole process of stock handling and order management.

For those who are looking at switching their accounting solution or upgrading their existing Evolution software, we have listed some compelling reasons why you should consider this module:


Improve Your Picking / Packing

There’s no need to send papers back and forth between departments when your business is powered by Evolution Mx. Once a sales order has been received, it is easy to generate a packing list for the warehouse directly from Evolution Mx. You can also amend packing lists once they have been generated, including available quantities based on the level of stock available.

For a further added benefit, once sales order has been picked a delivery note can be printed directly from Evolution Mx for inclusion with the delivery.


Make Invoicing Easy

In 2024 you shouldn’t have to rely on paper invoices or worry about whether something has been received by the right people. After delivery of goods an invoice can be created from the initial sales order and sent to the customer via email.

Digitising your business has never been easier; with a comprehensive solution you can manage all of your documents from one centralised digital hub.


Manage Stock Levels

Have you ever found yourself out of stock or running low for a project at the worst possible time? Working in conjunction with the Stock module, you can effectively manage stock levels always ensuring continued service.


Export Sales Order Reports

When data clarity and accessibility is more important than ever, your reporting functions shouldn’t be the thing hold you back. Quickly and easily generate reports on sales orders directly from Evolution Mx and then export these into Excel for further analysis. See orders generated, picked, dispatched and invoiced in a clear, easy to read report.


Create Kits & Bundle Products

One of the key time-saving benefits of the Sales Ordering module is the ability to bundle products together to create kits. For example, if your business is selling steel fence panels and a specific set of component parts are required with each order, a bundle could be created to save you having to remember to select those parts every time. You can create as many bundles as required, with as many or as few products in each.


In Conclusion

Managing your orders can be a time-consuming process, but with a powerful accounting and management solution like Evolution Mx, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of your administrative processes and boost efficiency.

If you would like to know more about how you can get ahead with Mx, you can reach out for a free demo here.

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