How To Save Time On Timesheets & Make Digitisation Easy

It’s time to say goodbye to lost and forgotten paper timesheets and logs, and instead sync time worked directly back to Evolution Mx. Time Portal provides an easy to use cloud-based mobile time entry interface for your employees in the field.

Easily accessible like a mobile app, employees can manage their time sheets on the go and the simple to use interface makes time entry effortless. Here we point out some of the many ways that users can streamline their timesheet entry with Evolution Mx.


Integrated Solution

Time logged is synced to Evolution Mx where it will be processed through payroll, and update the specific contract costs. Just like the other areas of Evolution Mx, the Time Portal entry screen is configurable depending on your business’ requirements. You can change field names, make specific fields mandatory along with customising the design.


Faster Approval

Once time is submitted by an employee, it can be entered into a workflow for approval. Nominated supervisors can then approve, reject or amend time entries, before they enter Payroll.


Paperless Operation

Going digital with your timesheets is not only good for the planet, it's good for business too. No more lost, damaged or illegible timesheets, just an instant, accurate record of time worked.


Customised Viewpoints

Data collected from Times Portal can be presented in configurable dashboards. See time recorded last week, this week and day by day.


Time Portal is the latest addition to our award-winning software Evolution Mx. With Mx modules your business can tailor your software to your specific needs and ensure that you have the perfect solution. To find out more about how Time Portal can work for your business, reach out to us here.




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