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2016 - A year in review

As a company we’ve made significant progress in 2016 - not just in terms of our software, but behind-the-scenes, too. We’ve been delivering significant updates to all of our products, providing our customers with more value and ever-improving functionality.

How can the UK construction industry solve the skills shortage?

Everyone in the UK construction industry knows that it faces a skills shortage. With the labour costs in your accounting software rising and it becoming ever more difficult to fill specialist roles, it’s likely you’ve experienced the effects of the skills shortage first-hand.

Five common sources of inaccurate data in your job costing system

If you find that your accounting software isn’t providing useful reports and insights, chances are the quality of data input is to blame. In particular, inaccurate data can result in reporting issues, or worse, cause them to present misleading results in job costing.

Five features to look for in an ‘entry level’ job costing system

Software is as integral to your business as foundations are to your building projects, yet the bewildering array of options available to businesses makes choosing your ideal job costing system a nightmare! If you’re after an ‘entry level’ solution for your small business, the decision becomes even more complex. Do you opt for generic accounts systems that will meet most of your needs, or specialist software that might require a greater investment, but will contain every feature you could ask for?


Seven cutting edge technologies that could revolutionise construction

If you consider almost any sector of the economy, it’s easy to see how technology has had a huge impact. For example, high street retailers now have to compete with online giants and use self-service checkouts. Twenty years ago, those two technologies barely existed. In the construction industry, we’ve been a little slower to adopt revolutionary technologies. Perhaps the biggest change in the industry is related to software – job costing systems are now the norm, even for SMEs.

How to: remain compliant with regulations during periods of change

Each year, the UK government budget brings regulation and tax changes – some of which affect construction companies. With the recent result of the EU referendum signalling another period of uncertainty and rapid regulatory change, firms are faced with a struggle to remain compliant.