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Code of Sustainable Homes to be scrapped in regulation shake-up

The Code for Sustainable Homes is a piece of government legislation designed to help homebuilders to meet green targets. However, the government looks set to scrap the Code in order to ‘rationalise’ green targets and instigate new building regulations. Here we look at what effect that might have on the future homes we live in.

Construction industry fatalities fall 23% in a year

Construction industry firms, professionals and regulatory bodies constantly strive to improve safety for permanent workers and contractors alike, with improved best-practice techniques and more effective safety technologies emerging all the time. These noble efforts are having a tangible positive effect, as figures illustrate a fall in fatalities in the past year.

MPs attempt to put an end to construction late payments

An inquiry into the payment practices of Britain’s businesses has revealed some unsettling results for the construction sector. Apparently, the construction industry suffers from a higher proportion of late paying clients than any other sector, with committee chairwoman Labour MP Debbie Abrahams accusing the industry of harbouring a ‘culture of late payments.’

Construction crises: your onerous overheads

In an industry as competitive as the construction sector, it’s important to keep expenses low so that you’re able to compete on price as well as quality. Of course, minimising expenses is often more easily said than done, particularly when managing other vital aspects of a firm’s accounts. We’ve picked out five of the most onerous overheads confronting successful modern construction firms – could you save your company thousands of pounds every year by addressing these expenses?

To battle: Construction-specific accounting software vs. a generic approach

For many firms, a generic piece of accounting software will suffice. The matter of tracking incomings and outgoings is a simple procedure; products and services have a set value and cost, employees are consistent from one month to the next and it is easier to estimate the end-cost of a project on commencement. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the world of construction.

Innovations in construction buying processes

As providers of construction-specific accounting software, we’re often given the chance to witness innovations in the construction world when they are still in their early stages. Recently, we have played witness to a number of small revolutions affecting the ways in which accounts within the construction industry are managed.

HMRC Announce RTI Launch Success

The full launch of Real Time Information (RTI) started at 6am on Saturday 6 April. Since then over 70,000 Pay As You Earn (PAYE) returns have been submitted and HMRC say businesses should not be worried about the changes.

Integrity Construction Software Users Scoop FPDC Award

Mansell Finishes Ltd, users of Evolution construction accounting software from Integrity are celebrating after winning the 'Commercial Drylining - under £1 million' category at the FPDC Plaisterers' Awards 2012.

Preparing Construction Software Users For RTI

In a drive to prepare our customers for the introduction of the new RTI Payroll system from HMRC, Integrity Software are entering the final leg of a UK based Training Workshop Programme.