3 Benefits of Web-Based Construction Accounting Software

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus outbreak has been a huge disruptor of business across the world, perhaps most obviously in the construction industry. And whilst it’s not possible for your site staff to work from home, with the right tools your back office staff certainly can; enter web-based construction accounting software.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 3 of the key benefits of web-based construction accounting software can offer.

1. Access anywhere in the world

Web-based software offers the ability for your team to work from anywhere – all they need is a web browser and an internet connection.

This has become of critical importance in recent months, with most companies choosing to work from home where possible, a trend that looks set to continue in the new post-Covid world.

But looking beyond the immediate benefits this brings right now, web-based construction accounting software could even help to reduce sick days and improve productivity.

Investing in software that allows your team to work from home when they need to could mean you’ll see a drop in recorded sick days, with employees opting to work from home instead of calling in sick. If you’re still using an on-premise only accounting system, it’s unlikely they can easily take the decision to work from home when not feeling their best.

The fact that your team can log in anywhere at any time could also see a boost in productivity. It’s naïve to assume that everyone is at their most productive between the hours of 9am and 5pm, so equipping your team with the web-based software they need to enable remote working could help your team to feel more productive.

2. Access on the go from a mobile device

Another key benefit of web-based construction accounting software is the ability to get access from a mobile device. This is particularly useful when your team cannot access their laptop due to being on site or travelling.

Giving them access to information on the go empowers informed decision making, without them being chained to their desk.

3. No need for a server with cloud hosting

More and more businesses are choosing web-based construction accounting software with a cloud-hosted option, enabling them to do away with the costly upkeep and maintenance of an on-site server (not to mention the responsibility of regular back-ups).

This is more important than ever, given lots of construction businesses are considering downsizing or totally eliminating the need for a physical office, with employees working remotely instead.

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