Scaling up your construction accounting software: an Integrity Software guide

As businesses grow, it isn’t only staffing and stock requirements that change. The infrastructure that your company relies upon to operate on daily basis must also be equipped to deal with growth and expansion. For many of today’s construction companies, key processes take place via construction software, often covering accounting, stock control, subcontractor management and document management.

If your business is experiencing growth, you may have concerns that your current system is inefficient and ill equipped to cope with an increase in demand. Switching to a new software solution is a challenging process that all companies want to avoid if at all possible. Integrity Software’s expertise and incredible support team make a software upgrade quick and easy, and our scalable software solutions and flexible approach to software mean that your software can grow as naturally as your business.

Outgrowing generic software

Generic software can be a satisfactory solution for very small construction companies, but as your business grows, the limited functionality of generic software adds an increasingly significant admin burden on your company. You may be wasting hours each week on tasks that could be completed automatically in more advanced software, and may be missing out construction-specific functions such as job costing and cost value reconciliation. Software built specifically for the construction industry is the solution.


Many software companies only offer a single software package, perhaps in addition to a drastically stripped down free version. Here at Integrity Software, we do things a little differently. Once we’ve spoken to you about your business and your requirements, we can recommend which of our three software packages would be best suited to your business. Evolution Standard, Evolution Corporate and Evolution Enterprise each contain different features, designed for construction companies of all different sizes. Take a look at our construction software comparison checklist to learn more about the differences between the solutions. As your business grows, we’re able to quickly upgrade your software to another of our software packages. Your databases and accounts remain intact, so you won’t have to worry about transferring data across when you want to upgrade. Integrity Software helps make the transition seamless, allowing you to forge ahead with your expansion plans with confidence.

Added extras

Every construction company is different. We recognise that some of our clients may be after some of the advanced functions you’ll find in Evolution Enterprise, but doesn’t need many of the other complex, multi-site solutions that come packaged with the software. That’s why we offer Evolution Corporate users added extras such as document processing and work order functions at a small additional cost, without having to commit to a full upgrade to Enterprise. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for functions you don’t need.

By using Integrity’s construction accounting software, you can count on a long-term software solution that can scale to meet your needs.