Mobile Purchase Orders

Say goodbye to paper order books and easily raise purchase orders from a mobile device, on-site or remotely.


App usage

App usage

Control the buying process

Control the buying process

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Benefits of Mobile Purchase Orders

  • Order goods quickly and remotely, including an 'off line' option
  • Create committed cost visibility on relevant contracts
  • Make use of imported Product & Pricing libraries
  • Approvals process available, based on spending thresholds
  • Can be matched later against GRNs



How does it work?

Uses an app to raise purchase orders remotely from a handheld device (any Android or IOS tablet  or phone).

With Evolution Mx, you can order goods more quickly for specific contracts and directly email your suppliers.

Can be done when the user is on site, working remotely or even in transit.

Draft purchase orders can be created, saved and edited, without a network connection.


As part of our Evolution Mx software, purchase orders can be automatically submitted into an approvals workflow. This means you have more control over the buying process, as you can evaluate each purchase order and ensure contracts don't overspend.

The system also makes it easy to view the status of each order. This allows you to quickly see if an order is outstanding, received, invoiced etc. 

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Pricing libraries can be imported into Evolution Mx, ensuring you have access to both supplier and contract specific pricing when raising a purchase order. This helps streamline the process and reduces the risk of any pricing errors.




See Mobile Purchase Orders in action

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