Mobile Goods Received Notes (GRN)

Our bestselling mobile module eliminates time spent waiting for delivery notes to get back to the office from site, as they can be captured and processed from a mobile device. This increases your on-site efficiency and can help process invoices more quickly and accurately.

Record Deliveries Quickly

Record Deliveries Quickly

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Accurate Invoice Matching

Accurate Invoice Matching

Benefits of Mobile GRNs:

  • No more lost paperwork as GRNs can be recorded on all devices (including phones and tablets)
  • GRNs are more visible and easier to track
  • Quickly identify discrepancies with deliveries
  • Eliminate the need for filing and storing GRNs as they are all saved digitally
  • Can be accessed offline, perfect for when working on-site
  • Enables invoice matching to be more accurate

How does it work?

Our mobile GRN module has been designed to be very simple to use. You record the products and quantities actually delivered against those expected from the stored Purchase Order and capture a photograph(s) of the physical delivery notes/PODs, or even a picture of the goods themselves to highlight any quality issues, etc.

The GRN is then automatically uploaded into the Evolution Mx system and is ready to be matched when the invoice is posted.

Why go digital?

With mobile GRNs, invoices can be processed more quickly as details of the goods actually received will be shown. This means that you no longer have to wait for delivery notes to be sent to the office before processing invoices.

When using an integrated accounting system such as our Evolution Mx software, Mobile GRNs get stored along with purchase orders, supplier invoices and other valuable documents.

Our Mobile GRN module also allows you to attach multiple photos and files, including pictures of the goods themselves. This makes any communication with suppliers more streamlined and efficient as you have all the documentation needed in one place. 

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Our Mobile GRN module is accessible, as an app, to any Android or IOS device user (tablets and  mobiles), as well as to desktop or laptop users, via any browser. This means no more lost or illegible paper work, as everything is digital and can be accessed instantly from anywhere.

Mobile GRNs and purchase orders can even be created when offline. All information will be saved and automatically uploaded when the device next connects to the network. This is perfect for when you are working on site without a reliable Internet connection. 



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