Invoice Register & OCR

How long are your Finance team spending processing and approving invoices manually? Eliminate the printing and scanning of email received invoices. With Evolution Mx Invoice Register you can automate much of this process, reducing time. costs and improving operational efficiency.

Automate Processing

Automate Processing

Save Time

Save Time

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Benefits of Invoice Register:

  • Eliminate delayed or lost invoices
  • Reduce your invoice processing overheads
  • Eradicate payment bottlenecks and prevent late payment charges
  • Build better supplier relationships
  • Retrieve invoices quicker
  • Email colleagues and suppliers directly with invoice queries

How does it work?

Ask your suppliers to send their invoices directly to a dedicated email address (such as

Once an email is received to this email address, the Invoice Register will automatically store the attached invoice in the Evolution Mx system ready to be processed.

It will sit in a ‘To Be Processed’ queue, until a user logs in to complete the data entry based on the invoice image displayed.

There’s no need to print a copy of the invoice, as it can be retrieved and viewed at any time within the system.


What if you still receive paper invoices?

Some suppliers may still send you physical invoices by post. These can still be processed by the Invoice Register; you simply scan the invoice to your nominated email address. You can then destroy your physical copy, as it is stored in the Evolution Mx system and can be retrieved at any time.

Invoice Register is ideal for construction companies who are receiving the majority of their supplier invoices via email.

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Save even more time with the OCR add-on

For businesses who want to supercharge their invoice processing time, there is an OCR add-on available to the Invoice Register.

This goes one step further in that it uses AI and machine learning to read the details on the invoice and populate the relevant data fields.

This can be done automatically and eliminates the need for a user to manually enter the invoice details.

The OCR add-on is ideal for companies who are processing in excess of 1,000 invoices per month.

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