HR Module

Alongside Payroll retain valuable HR records in relation to personal details, training, sickness, disciplinary and holiday requests.  Import documents and files can be stored too. Also allows your employees to directly access their own details and/or log holiday requests, for approval. 

Personnel Details

Personnel Details

Annual Leave

Annual Leave

Documents & Correspondence

Documents & Correspondence

Benefits of our HR module:

  • Links from Payroll
  • Log key information relating to Next of Kin, Accidents, Training & Disciplanaries
  • Holiday requests and approvals
  • Stores all relevant documentation
  • Configurable
  • Option for employee portal access

Key Information

Our HR module allows you to easily manage all things related to personnel in one integrated system, but at the same time not necessarily allowing access to key payroll information.

Employees can use a portal to request holidays and keep a record of their allowance. Once these requests have been submitted they can be approved or rejected by the appropriate supervisor. This can all be done through email, with no need to log into the system, providing a quicker and easy way to manage holiday requests. 

You can also record and monitor sickness and absence details, including the ability to upload doctors notes, etc.


Sample forms are provided within the HR module that you can use to easily fill out accident reports, training, disciplinary, holiday and next of kin records.

These can be further amended to suit requirements.

Data recorded on these forms is then available for enquiry and reporting purposes.

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Additional info/add-ons

Any additional documents can be 'dragged and dropped' against particular employee records, meaning that all relevant personnel details are stored in one place.

Further configuration of the HR module is available to incorporate additional requirements.

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