Excel Automation

Want so save time when it comes to reporting? With Evolution Mx Excel Automation, building and generating reports is now easier and quicker than before. 

Live Data

Live Data

Custom Reports

Custom Reports



Benefits of Excel Automation:

  • Uses up-to-date data
  • Customised report templates
  • Increased security
  • Save time generating and preparing reports

How does it work?

Simply build your own custom report templates in Excel (or use existing ones). With a live link to Evolution Mx, any data stored within the system can be pulled directly into Excel, meaning that your reports will never be out of date. 

Changing criteria, such as periods, on the spreadsheet will automatically update and refresh the data accordingly, meaning you don't need to create a new report every month.

Excel Automation also eliminates the need to manually export data over from Evolution Mx. 

Completely Secure

By using our Excel Automation module, your data and reports are much more secure compared to just using Excel alone. 

This is because report data cannot be accessed unless the user enters login details for the Evolution Mx system, providing an invaluable extra level of security.

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Common Uses

Some examples of common uses of our Excel Automation module include:

  • Reports on contract information (e.g. summary cost, budget and sales balances)
  • Management reports including Profit & Loss & Balance Sheets

See Excel Automation in action

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