Email Payslips

This module makes emailing payslips to employees easier than ever! If you're still printing out and posting payslips, email payslips can save you both time and money.

Save Money

Save Money

Save Time

Save Time



Benefits of Email Payslips:

  • Eliminate postage costs
  • Time-saving through directly emailing
  • Increases security with password encryption
  • Employees can access payslips more quickly

Tackle Rising Postage Costs

It has been estimated that when you consider the time, materials and postage associated with sending documents to employees it can cost well over £1/€1 per item. If you send a lot of items by post then it is clear to see how quickly these costs can build up.

With this module, you can easily send out email payslips to your workforce with the click of a button. This will save you on both money and time!


We understand that when it comes to confidential documents, such as payslips, security is always going to be a big concern.

With our Email Payslips module, when an employee receives a payslip through email they will have to enter a password to access it. This ensures that the only person that can access the payslip is the intended recipient themselves.

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What if some employees still want a printed payslip?

Not all of your employees will want to receive payslips via email. With this module, each employee has the choice to opt out of email payslips and can instead continue receiving physical payslips.

This level of control allows you to accommodate all of your employees needs/wants as they have the freedom to choose how they receive their payslip.

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