Cash Flow Forecast

Easily view your company's up-to-date likely cash position over the coming weeks and months, with no need to rely on spreadsheets and guessing games. 

Drilldown on Balances

Drilldown on Balances

Data from Multiple Ledgers

Data from Multiple Ledgers

Record Additional Items

Record Additional Items

Benefits of Cash Flow:

  • Collates data from multiple ledgers, based on due dates
  • Add additional one off, or recurring receipts or payments
  • Summary view with drill down to transaction detail
  • Weekly or monthly views

How does it work?

Your company's current bank balance is taken as the starting point, then our Cash Flow module deducts invoices due, as well as adding in sales receipts expected. 

By using live data, your cash flow forecast is always up-to-date, based on expected payment dates.

Additional items of expect income or expense can be added in too.

You can choose whether you want to display cash flow projections across coming weeks or months, depending on your company's needs. 

Additional Items

Alongside supplier and subcontractor invoices and expected sales receipts, our Cash Flow module can also take into account additional items.

Recurring expenses/revenue can be added, such as wages or direct debits, and you can change the frequency of these expenses as well as set an end date. 

You can also add one-off elements of income or expense in the relevant week or month they are expected to be accounted for. 

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The summary display of forecast cashflow can be expanded to show contributions from each of the separate EvolutionMx modules, as well as additional items.

Drill down is enabled allowing for full transactional data to be accessed.

Browser based reporting of this nature can easily be exported to Excel, as required.

See Cash Flow in action

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