Authorisation of Payments (AOP)

Looking to further streamline your subcontractor management process? Our AOP module allows subcontractor applications to go through an approval process, requiring authorisation before processing payment.


Improve Visibility

Improve Visibility

Increase Accuracy

Increase Accuracy

Save Time

Save Time

Benefits of Authorisation of Payments:

  • Speeds up the subcontractor payment process
  • Improves accuracy of payments
  • Can be allocated to relevant QS and/or contract managers
  • Email alerts can be sent

How does it work?

When one of your subcontractors submits a payment application, it will be placed into a workflow, requiring authorisation before payment can be processed. 

Once the payment has been approved, a payment notification can be emailed to the subcontractor, before the actual payment is then processed by accounts and a payment certificate is sent.

The approval process is usually followed by the QS and/or Contract Manager, nominated on each contract. You can, alternatively, select the required Contract Manager, e.g. depending on the nature of work.

By using 'Supervisor' options you also have the ability to override the defined process, which may be needed in situations such as holidays or absence.



Time-saving Benefits

By using our AOP module, you can help reduce the amount of time your accounts team spend processing subcontractor payments. 

Once the authorisation process has been followed, all your accounts team need to do is raise the payments that have been approved, with no need to re-enter any figures.

This means you can process subcontractor payments much more quickly and your accounts team have more time to focus on other jobs.



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Additional Features

  • Documentation - there is the option to email an advanced notification of payment, allowing you to show the subcontractor their expected payment details and any reasons for withholding full payment
  • Contras - Contra entries can be set up to automatically reduce payments or this can be entered manually during the payment process


See the AOP process in action

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