Advanced Document Management

Centralise all of your company's documents and files within Evolution Mx. Move away from having hundreds of folders and different versions of documents and streamline your company's organisation. 





Reduce paper

Reduce paper

Benefits of Advanced Document Management:

  • Accessible anywhere, on any device
  • For all types of documents and files
  • The most up to date information
  • Easily view amendments 
  • Traceability 

Company wide Document Management 

Our Advanced Document Management system can be used for all types of documents, including photos and PDFs. This doesn't have to be used by just the accounts team, your entire company can store documents in the system and ensure they are using the most up to date version.

This management system will be useful for the accounts team but also for HR, health and safety and even on-site workers. 


The Advanced Document Management module is fully integrated with your Evolution Mx software. This allows you to easily 'drag and drop' documents linking them to a particular contract, supplier, subcontractor or employee.

Based on the integration within the system, it is clear to see why our Document Management module is more efficient than a generic cloud file sharing app. 



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We understand traceability is an important factor, which is why with our Advanced Document Management module allows you to see a full history of all documents. This includes who has read, opened, edited or downloaded files, providing more traceability than traditional methods.

There is also the option to compare revision history, meaning you can keep track of any changes that have been made.


See the Advanced Document Management module in action

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