Purchase ordering using accounting software for subcontractors

See how your purchase ordering processes will become streamlined with the help of accounting software for contractors.

Having forced the construction industry into a period of stagnation, the financial crisis has caused a multitude of problems for the industry’s smaller businesses. Uncertainty amongst investors and government austerity measures are two key reasons why businesses must compete fiercely against one another to successfully secure a smaller volume of work at often reduced rates. At the same time, raw material costs have increased while the supply of skilled labour has diminished.

While the economic recovery is helping the construction industry to return to pre-recession levels, business operation must still remain as efficient as possible. Keeping track of payments and assessing how costs have changed over time is therefore absolutely essential for construction firms. Accounting software for subcontractors such as that created, supplied and supported by Integrity Software could help you to take control of the purchase order process, and more besides.

Paper-based purchase order systems

Paper-based purchasing systems have now been well and truly superseded by electronic systems, such as those supplied by Integrity Software for use in the construction industry. Outdated systems could even be more detrimental than helpful since they are time consuming to use, make it possible to inadvertently duplicate orders and, as they are not centralised, can be difficult to monitor, analyse or modify. If you feel that your existing purchase order system is outdated, it probably is. Could now be the right time to upgrade to a sophisticated software solution?

Electronic purchase order systems

Integrity’s Evolution software supplies the solution to paper-based purchase order systems. Our accounting software for contractors can:

  • Help your business to save valuable time, on account of the ease with which orders can be placed, order statuses updated and invoices sent.
  • Greatly reduce the chance of there being duplicate orders through use of a clear, centralised purchase order management system.
  • Increase the transparency surrounding each purchase, its cost and where money could be saved. For instance, at the click of a button full details of each purchase can be reviewed.
  • Ensure that there are no surprises or mistakes. Every order must receive authorisation before it can be placed.
  • Allow you to easily view upcoming due payments at a glance, allowing you to forecast, plan, and take jobs on with confidence.

The purchase order processing module is just one feature of Integrity’s accounting software for subcontractors. Our range of software packages will not only allow your construction business to benefit from both accounting and operational functions such as job costing functions, payroll modules and reporting templates, but also ensure full legislative compliance. What’s more, Evolution software is built to grow with your business. That means that SMEs and large, multi-site construction companies alike can benefit from the improved efficiency that our software brings.

Our large, ever-expanding customer base demonstrates that Integrity Software products make valuable tools for any construction business, regardless of size or ambition. Contact us to learn more or to arrange a demo of our software.