5 steps to implementing construction software

Using outdated accounting software because you’re concerned about the upgrading process? It’s more straightforward than you might think!

The perceived hassle that comes with switching over to industry-specific software means that many management teams are understandably quite reluctant to invest, purely and simply because the size of the task itself seems daunting and potentially disruptive to day-to-day operations. In the long run, however, can your business really afford not to? Check out our five-step plan below in order to ensure the process of upgrading creates minimum disruption to your organisation...


Every construction business is different and in order for us to understand exactly what your needs, challenges and aspirations are for your new system, it’s imperative that we kick off proceedings with a thorough evaluation of your current processes. We often find this works best face to face giving us the chance to meet your key people and you the chance to see what we’re about.


Once we understand your challenges, we’ll tailor a demonstration of our system to work through with you. This gives you a chance to see how Evolution M can cater for your specific requirements, and also provides an opportunity to discuss how any new processes may work before you fully commit to the solution.  Whatever your needs may be, the demo is a great chance to minimise changes or surprises further on down the line.


As the old saying goes: ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Due to many varying factors such as the size of your workforce or the number of projects you are currently working on, it is critical the transference of your data from old system to new, such as contracts, suppliers, customers and subcontractors information, causes the minimum of fuss.  Setting clear milestones with you upfront are key and we will work tirelessly to ensure that everything from the training of your team to the ‘go-live’ date are factored in and scheduled in order to seamlessly migrate your company across to the new system.


Whatever your current accounting system may be, we will be ready to export the necessary data from the existing database to the new system as quickly as possible. Multiple data entry can be very time-consuming (and frustrating) for both you and your team – this is why we have a ‘test’ company methodology in place. This test period will enable your employees to have a trial run and implement what they learned during their training in order to familiarise themselves with the new protocols before going live. 


Unlike many other software companies, we hope to remain a part of your team and be there to offer a high level of support should there be any initial teething problems post-implementation. Even after the small creases have been ironed out our superb support team will be on hand to assist in any such way you require. 

So, there we have it – we don’t design and produce software for just any industry. We specialise in your industry: the construction industry, which means that whenever there is an issue, you can call us directly and speak to someone who understands exactly what your needs may be. If your organisation is ready for a fresh start and is interested is discovering just what our construction accounting software can do for you, then pick up the phone and contact us today.