Integrity Software helps Evermill Brickwork Ltd scale up for success with Evolution Mx

Rotherham based, Evermill Brickwork Ltd are Brick Work Contractors servicing social housing, leisure/hospitality and restoration sectors. With significant growth of the company, they identified they were unable continue supporting operations adequately with a generic accounts system.

The business needed much more construction support and recognised their systems had limitations, forcing the business to handle commercial activity and adjustments manually in spreadsheets.

The Evolution Mx platform from Integrity Software met the need for a fully-integrated solution. The award-winning platform now allows the company to progress with much better construction costing, integrated procurement, CVR and even site-based Mobile Forms to allow external teams to interact electronically with site compliance.

The team at Integrity Software are pleased to welcome Evermill Brickwork Ltd and look forward to many years supporting future success.

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