Fencing Contractor Perimeter Solutions Ltd Ring Fence their Business with Evolution M

Perimeter Solutions Ltd undertake a vast range of external works, with fencing forming the core of their business. The Kent based business can provide services varying from temporary fencing solutions to permanent enclosures.

Before choosing our award winning Evolution M system they struggled with manual processes such as job costing, purchase orders all the way though to invoicing and final accounts. Having looked at the standard generic accounts systems available in the market they quickly realised that Integrity Software's Evolution M offering was best fit for purpose. Evolution M is designed specifically for the construction industry and as an integrated solution this negates the need to purchase any bolt-ons.

If you would like more information on the benefits of upgrading to construction specific Evolution M, call us today on 03453 403040 or +353 (01) 435 8531 or contact us here.

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