Simple & Secure; How Implementing Cloud Hosting Could Save You Thousands

The average cost of cyber security breaches for medium-sized UK businesses in 2022 was £8,040. Most of these cyber-attacks come from “malware”; a type of software specifically designed to stop your business from operating. If your server comes under attack, are you properly protected from the threat?

Why is cyber security important?

Ransomware is a common type of malware that prevents you from accessing your computer (or the data that is stored on it). The computer itself may become locked, or the data on it might be stolen, deleted or encrypted. Some ransomware will also try to spread to other machines on the network, such as the ‘Wannacry’ malware that impacted the NHS so heavily in 2017.

These attacks are designed to render your business helpless and ensure that you feel the only option you have is to pay the hefty demand. What makes things worse is even if you pay the ransom demand for your data, there is no guarantee that you will regain access to your computer or your files.

This is a concerning prospect, especially since there is no way to completely protect your business from a malware or ransomware attack. Because of this it’s even more important to be proactive with your data security and adopting a ‘defence-in-depth’ approach. With a few choice decisions you can be ready for such an attack and save not only your data, but your cash as well.

How can you stay secure?

The best single step that you can take for improving your security is to use cloud hosting for your data servers. With cloud hosting your systems are fully secure and using multi-factor authentication to gain access to your systems gives vital reinforcement to your front-line protection.

Being able to defend your server is especially important since in the past few years we have seen a surge in remote working. Remote working has been a boost to productivity, but inherently has its own set of challenges. By using cloud hosting you can access your software remotely through your normal web browser. This is not only secure, but means you can easily take your work with you anywhere in the world. 

But what if…?

With cloud hosting you not only get these security benefits but also get the peace of mind knowing that our expert team make regular backups of your data. With an up-to-date cloud backup if you do experience data loss for whatever reason, we can get you up and running again with minimal impact to your work.

What next?

If after reading this you are considering moving to the cloud and keeping your data secure, contact us today to discuss our Evolution Mx Cloud Hosting Service.

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