XCIPIO: Integrity’s most powerful module yet

Here at Integrity Software, we offer continual software updates – not just to crush bugs and improve performance, but to kit your software out with the tools needed to tackle the latest legislative requirements. One of the latest additions to the software is XCIPIO, an advanced module designed to improve many aspects of business management for larger construction companies. Let’s take a look at what this powerful new module can do.

Business analytics

Data is king – but without any way to analyse it efficiently, it’s nothing more than endless lists of numbers. XCIPIO has some of the most advanced business analytics capabilities on the market, with an interface that allows users with little technical knowledge to carry out complex analysis and create detailed reports from your system’s data. XCIPIO can set up data alerts and create graphs and tables without having to leave your web browser. The browser-based nature of the module means you can share reports, graphs and data series simply by copying and pasting the URL.

Digital forms

Many processes in the construction industry still require paper based forms. Use XCIPIO to recreate forms for risk assessments and checklists in digital format. Once created, you can distribute these forms digitally for use either online or offline – on desktop, tablet or smartphone. When an internet connection is restored, the data will automatically be entered into the central database and ready for analysis – there’s no need to transfer data to a separate spreadsheet before you can use it.

Automatic email archiving

Emails are the paperwork of the 21st century – so don’t let them disappear into cyberspace with the overzealous use of the ‘delete’ button. Archiving emails keeps them in a database for future use, just in case you need to dig out details about an old contract or if you’re having to resolve a thorny disciplinary issue that started months or years ago. Set up your own mail filters using XCIPIO to limit the emails you archive (you may want to filter out marketing emails or set up a filter for employee and client emails, for example). You can then structure these email archives by job, client, or whatever format works for your business.

Other features

XCIPIO also contains web-based document management functionality and features alerts to notify the user when documents are added, updated, deleted or even just downloaded. You have full control over how alerts are set up.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what the XCIPIO module is capable of. At recent Integrity LIVE@ Events XCIPIO has already proven to be a hot topic due to it's impressive functionality. If you’re an Evolution or Evolution M user who’d like to test out this powerful addition to your existing software, speak to your account manager today.

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