Feature Spotlight: Reporting in Evolution M

Why is reporting important?

Most of us in business have to do some kind of reporting or another. Whether you are compiling a report on time spent on a particular job or preparing a monthly financial report, the data you use needs to be accurate and in a format that you can analyse. You may have large complex financial data that needs to be distilled for auditors or you may instead have timesheet data that needs analysing to see if a particular project is running on time. Whatever your needs, your ability to carry out accurate and timely reporting is essential.

How does reporting work in Evolution M?

There are a number of ways that you can report in Evolution and the software’s reporting features are designed to be as user-friendly and as customisable as possible. Data can be pulled from multiple sources (for example, the nominal and contract ledgers) and easily exported to Excel. Data can also be viewed in a dashboard to give you a snapshot of a project or contract and viewed by anyone associated with the job. User access levels can be set so that only the relevant users can edit or view data keeping your sensitive business information secure.

Evolution M’s report writer gives you the freedom to customise your reports based on data from any location in the system. You can also use your own custom fields to filter or sort data using company-specific terminology. 

Once you’ve created report templates, they’ll be automatically populated with data from Evolution M based on the parameters you’ve provided. This means your reports from Evolution M will match your company terminology – another way that the system seamlessly integrates with your business. You can then save these report templates and automatically re-populate them with up-to-date data when you need them again the future.

The reporting function integrates with Microsoft Office letting you take full advantage of functionality like mail merging and emailing of reports. All reports can be printed, saved as PDF files, or sent via email or through Evolution M.

What are the benefits of these reporting features?

Vast quantities of data are useless if they aren’t sorted and filtered. Sure, you can understand small subsets of data and their implications within Evolution M itself, but senior management expect to see reports on information that is critical to the business.

Reports turn your data into useful information. Based on the parameters and variables you specify, you can turn thousands of individual data points into a single coherent graph. It’s far easier to make business decisions based on visual reports instead of endless lists of numbers.

Excel Automation lets you benefit from the spreadsheet software’s hugely powerful features while directly drawing upon your own data from Evolution M, saving you the hassle of having to copy and paste data across into Excel. Your data appears in a real-time environment

The endless customisation options let you create bespoke reports for every situation. Whether you’re reporting to management or trying to understand where a specific job went over budget, you can handcraft a report to meet your needs.

The high quality data you entered into Evolution M makes for equally high quality reports. Don’t waste your data by leaving it in your system: analyse, sort it, filter it and use Evolution M to create valuable reports. For more information on the solutions we offer, you can discover our construction accounting software here.

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