Digitising your Subcontractor Management Process

Subcontractor management is an important process in the construction industry. Subcontractors are hired for the majority of construction projects as they can provide the skills you need to get the job done, without having to directly employ anyone.
Manually managing subcontractors can often be complex and time-consuming, especially when you’re working on multiple different projects at once. Something that can help you more effectively manage your subcontractors is digitising your processes. 

The easiest way to digitise your subcontractor management process is by using a construction-specific management software. By using an integrated management system, you can improve most aspects of the subcontractor management process such as verification, regulations, payments, and invoicing.

Evolution Mx from Integrity Software is a fully integrated, accounting and management software specifically designed for the construction industry. As subcontractor management is such an important process in the construction industry, Evolution Mx, has a number of features designed to improve your subcontractor management process.

Subcontractor Verification

The first step of the subcontractor management process is deciding which subcontractors to hire. You have to consider the specific skill set you need, as well as their experience and price. Once you have chosen the right subcontractor for the job, it is important to ensure they are fully licensed and insured.

By using the subcontractor management module, included in Evolution Mx, you can easily verify subcontractors thanks to a direct link to HMRC. Once a subcontractor is verified, you can then manage any relevant documentation related to them, including insurance expiry dates and training documentation.
Authorisation of Payments

Another important process when it comes to subcontractor management is payment. Digitising your payment process can ensure your subcontractors are paid accurately and on time. 

Evolution Mx allows subcontractor payment applications to be placed into a workflow that requires authorisation before allowing payment. This means that payments can be approved by a nominated person, such as the Quantity Surveyor or Contract Manager. This workflow can improve the efficiency, accuracy and speed of your subcontractor payments. You can also send an advanced notification of payment to your subcontractors, ensuring positive communication with them as they are always kept in the loop.

Full CIS Compliance

When it comes to paying your subcontractors, it is important to consider legislative requirements such as CIS in the UK or the RCT scheme in Ireland.
Using Evolution Mx can help you ensure you stay compliant with these schemes as it allows you to submit CIS returns directly to HMRC each month. This allows you to speed up the process of CIS returns and ensures your business is staying compliant. Evolution Mx can also provide payment certificates and statements to subcontractors so they can stay informed on the payments as well.

Subcontractor Invoice Processing
When it comes to managing your subcontractor invoices, digitisation can improve the efficiency in which they are processed. 

Offered as an add-on to Evolution Mx, Subcontractor Invoice Register allows you to receive subcontractor invoices directly into the system via a dedicated email address. This means that your subcontractors can send you an invoice directly that will automatically be added into the system ready for processing. 

Once this invoice is authorised by the nominated person, then payment can be processed. This can help to speed up your invoice processing, as it eliminates the need for scanning paper invoices into the system. It also removes the risk of losing or not receiving a physical invoice which could result in payment delays and unhappy subcontractors. 


As subcontractor management is so important in the construction industry, it is crucial that you keep evaluating your processes to ensure you are being as efficient and accurate as possible, whilst keeping your subcontractors happy. 

If you are interested in digitising your subcontractor management process then please contact us today to find out more about Evolution Mx.

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