How digitising your on-site forms can improve construction health & safety practices

The construction industry typically lags behind when it comes to digitisation. In this blog post we discuss how digitising on-site paperwork can help construction businesses improve their health and safety record.

Spot trends & react thanks to real-time analysis

Completing forms digitally over their paper-based counterparts has a clear benefit when it comes to real-time analysis.

Paper forms are completed, often because they are required to be according to site rules and regulations, but the information is seldom analysed or reported on.

Take a risk assessment – a prime example of a form that must be filled out, but often the information it collects is not analysed until it is too late; until an accident occurs or health & safety is breached.

By completing these risk assessment forms digitally, construction companies have instant access to the data collected, and can use this information to not only spot trends and patterns, but put preventative measures in place to ensure site health and safety and avoid breaches.

As soon as a form has been completed digitally on a mobile device it is submitted into the system and can be accessed by other users – whether they are on site, at home or back at the office.

Even if the user does not have a data connection, the form can still be completed and stored ready for uploading to the system as soon as a connection is available.

Store relevant forms with contracts

At the point of completing a mobile form, it can be attributed to a particular contract or job, to ensure that all documents are stored centrally. Eliminate lost paperwork and ensure that your construction business is keeping an impeccable safety record for when it matters the most.

Spend less time completing paperwork

Digitising your on-site forms could actually help your Contract Managers to spend less time completing paperwork.

Filling out forms on a mobile device is quicker and easier than completing physical forms, and you can even use your mobile device to take a photo and attach it to the form – ideal for showing risks identified on a risk assessment form. The less time it takes to complete paperwork, the more likely it is that it will be completed every time.

Furthermore, there is little to no maintenance when it comes to digital forms, aside from ensuring the mobile device is charged up. Physical forms need printing and replenishing, storing and transporting back to Head Office, whereas mobile forms are submitted into the system and available for users to analyse at Head Office as soon as they are completed.

Sam Creasey, Professional Services Manager at Integrity Software, said: "Customers using our Mobile Forms module we are now getting real time information of risk assessments, site incidents and daily checklists. Any issues that arise on these documents can now be quickly identified and resolved, keeping their businesses up to date with ISO standards.”


Digitising your on-site forms promises a whole host of benefits to your construction business, particularly when it comes to health and safety. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us about our Mobile Forms module here today.

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