Digitising Goods Received Notes

Waiting for delivery notes to make their way back to the office from your sites slows down the payment of supplier invoices, but there is a more efficient way to process goods received notes. Our bestselling module, Mobile GRN, eliminates time spent waiting for delivery notes to get back to the office from site.

Automatically attribute goods to contracts, providing an easy way to record the arrival of goods on site, creating a GRN transaction in Evolution Mx which is an actual cost against a job.

Accessible on all devices even without a connection

Accessible from all devices including mobiles and tablets, and can be used offline without an internet connection. All purchase orders are downloaded to the device when it is connected to the internet, and are available to use offline when a connection is not available. All information is cached ready to be uploaded to the system when the user connects to the network.

Attach photographs

You can attach a number of photos to the GRN - of both the paper delivery note and the goods themselves - which are available to access any time within Evolution Mx.

Process invoices more quickly

A mobile GRN acts as authorisation that the goods have been received on site, so supplier invoices can be processed quicker without having a wait for delivery notes to be sent to the office.

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