Why Your Construction Business Needs Job Costing Software

Accurately recording job costs can be the difference between a profitable construction business and a failing one. That’s why it’s important that construction companies use job costing software to see all job costs in real time.

What is job costing software?

Job costing software is one of the most crucial types of construction software available, allowing construction businesses to track all the costs associated with a particular project or contract.

Gone are the days where spreadsheets were good enough to capture this crucial information; nowadays leading construction companies use specialist job costing software, like Evolution Mx, to track project costs and monitor work in progress.

Costs are attributed to jobs, projects, or contracts (or whatever your construction business calls them) from supplier invoices and purchase orders. You can even import a budget in CSV format from your chosen estimating software to ensure all costs are monitored against the budget. This budget can be updated as many times as you like throughout the course of the project.

Choosing job costing software that is linked to accounts software like Evolution Mx allows for a fully integrated system your entire team can use, whether they’re the Accounts team in the back office, or Contract Managers out on-site, right through to your Board.

There are many benefits of job costing software, but real-time reporting and visibility are perhaps the most crucial.

Producing accurate reports on costs associated with jobs in different phases will aid your Contract Manager and QS to ensure the project will finish on time and within budget, protecting those already tight profit margins.

Being able to access your job costing software from anywhere is hugely important, as Contract Managers need to be able to reviews costs against budget from site. That’s why Evolution Mx is cloud-based with a mobile app, to ensure your team has access to the information they need on contracts, wherever they may be.

Choosing an accounts system with built-in job costing software such as Evolution Mx will allow your team to track time and costs in real-time, so you never go over budget without knowing it again.

What our customers say about our software

We have more than 1,000 leading construction companies throughout the UK and Ireland relying on our fully integrated construction accounting and job costing software to protect their profit margins.

David Cousins, the Financial Director at Blaze Construction, said: I have worked for massive blue-chip companies through to small entities and this software is far the best I have come across, the software is flexible and adaptable to your business.”

“We welcome full cost transparency on all our projects. With Evolution M we can see exactly where we are at all times, on all contracts. Potential issues are highlighted before they impact on project costs thus providing our clients with peace of mind, knowing we have achieved maximum value for money on every project.” Said Ronan Quinn of J Manning & Son (Dublin) Ltd.

With customers in every sector throughout the construction industry, our software is flexible and adaptable to a range of different construction businesses. Why not read some of our Case Studies, to see how similar businesses are benefitting from our construction-specific software.

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