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Based just outside Norwich, T Gill & Son Ltd is now in its fifth generation, having been originally founded by Charles Gill in the 1860s.

They work with clients from every sector including Local Authorities, NHS Care Trusts, Schools, Housing Associations and private developers. Their contracts, which are typically worth up to £2 million, include new build, conversions, alterations, refurbishment and maintenance.

The move to Mardak™ comes less than two years after they purchased Access Accounts. The main reason for their decision to move so shortly after implementing the Access package was the inability to set up multiple contracts on a single client.

Andrew Gill, Managing Director of T Gill & Son Ltd commented, "I guess like most builders we need a system that works around a contracts ledger so we can get information contract by contract. A particular problem with the old system was getting information on valuations and payments; now it's all laid out to see.  I also like the way the system enables us to have contracts defined by size, particular manager or any other criteria we choose, but with no extra hassle for the staff on the inputs."

T Gill works with many regular clients on a number of contracts, hence the need to be able to report on and analyse individual contracts. They began talks with Mardak in 2007 and it quickly became apparent that Mardak™ could meet all their requirements.

Crucially, Mardak™ allows unlimited contracts to be set up per client with reporting and enquiry functionality to monitor individual contracts costs. In addition, the grouped contract enquiry functionality allows cost analysis and reporting to be carried out on contracts grouped together by client, Contract Manager etc.

Another area which was of particular importance to T Gill & Son was an efficient payroll system. Mardak's payroll module forms part of the core accounting package. As the system is a fully integrated solution, information only needs entering once, with all relevant ledgers being updated.

Previously with their Access Accounts system, all employee cost details had to be entered into the payroll, then subsequently re-entered into the costing system to process. The MCA system will undoubtedly lead to greater efficiency and savings of time and resources for their company. Andrew Gill, Managing Director of T Gill & Son Ltd added, “As well as being integrated, the whole of the Mardak Construction Accounts system is intuitive and feels logical, making both input and retrieval of information easier”.

T Gill & Son Ltd has purchased a 3 user core accounting package with Mardak™.