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The Jarvis Group Ltd have signed up with Mardak Construction Accounts for their accounting software solution. They have purchased a 25 user package, making them Mardak's largest client to date. Steve Foster, Financial Director, commented, "We are looking forward to enhancing our software and receiving a much needed improvement in services levels".

With a current turnover of circa £50 million, Jarvis Group Ltd has come along way since their inception by Ernest Charles Jarvis in 1905. The group now consists of five main divisions:

  • Jarvis Contracting Limited
  • Jarvis M & E Services Limited
  • Jarvis Homes Limited
  • Jarvis Commercial Limited
  • Jarvis Maintenance

The Jarvis Group's activities include general contracting, mechanical and electrical services, property maintenance, housing for sale and commercial development. They have secured their reputation as a major player in the construction industry by focusing on attention to detail and flexibility. Their operatives, the majority of whom are directly employed, work from over 100 fully stocked vehicles and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many aspects of the process including response times and customer satisfaction are continuously monitored and benchmarked against other similar operations both within Jarvis and with their competitors.

As well as requiring the basic accounting modules, Jarvis opted to include many of Mardak's advanced modules, including Purchase Order Processing, Sales Invoicing, Fixed Assets and Document Management. Mardak always aim to be as flexible as possible when meeting their clients' requirements and their service to the Jarvis Group Ltd has been no exception. "The Jarvis Group Ltd indicated that they were looking to purchase Power Retrieve in addition to an accounting package. Due to this we wrote some extra software for them, enabling the integration of our Document Management module to Power Retrieve." Martin Woolger, Director of Mardak, says, "We are always open to any special requirements which our prospective clients may have and where possible will develop our software to meet these specifications." The flexibility and eagerness to ensure the package would provide all the functionality and integration required was the main reason the Jarvis Group Ltd chose to buy their solution from Mardak.

Mardak Construction Accounts is a highly functional accounting package, as well as offering all the basic functions one would expect from a high end accounting package it provides a level of innovation and originality previously unavailable. Features include full integration to Microsoft Office®, eTrading enabled, multiple reporting formats (PDF, Excel, XML), contract cash position management and the Business Intelligence Monitor.

As a company, Mardak place high importance on customer service and understand that communication and consistency is key to ensuring client satisfaction. From the moment a contract is signed, each client is assigned a Project Manager who oversees the process of installation and migration through to the "Go Live" day. They ensure that the client is kept informed of progress and provide a point of contact to which they can address any queries. The support team uses standard Microsoft tools such as "Remote Desktop" to enable full understanding and the ability to deal with any issues immediately. Mardak have been rewarded for this, when in a recent survey of their clients, 100% responded that the service offered by Mardak is Excellent.

In addition to this Mardak offer an open book service of their clients. Potential clients are invited to contact any of Mardak's existing clients for reference and user reviews of the software. This is an unusually confident gesture rarely seen in any industry!

Mardak have designed an exceptionally user friendly and accessible accounting system which is fully scaleable to suit single site companies through to multi site international organisations. Judging by their steady growth and recruitment of further staff, they are succeeding in their aim to provide a modern and highly functional accounting package for the construction industry.

If you are interested in further information or if you would like to arrange a demonstration please contact Mardak on 0845 3880 635, email or complete our online enquiry form here.