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Back in 2004, discussions were held with prospective clients to introduce our product. At this point, several companies agreed to proceed with Mardak and work as testing sites for the new product.

In April 2005, Strongbond Ltd became our first live client with a 2 user system. We asked Bob Adams, Director of Strongbond Ltd, to comment on his experience with Mardak.  “Four years ago we received the news from our existing supplier that they were ceasing support for our accounting software from the following April. This presented us with two decisions.

The decision not to accept the ‘new’ product from our existing supplier was easy; I already had experience of the software and knew that there were serious shortcomings. Consequently, I believed the transition period would cause serious disruption to our day to day business.  The second decision - to select new software - became easy as Mardak made a timely approach to us. They set out their plans for an entirely new software product, which was being launched in April 2005.

Knowing that the team involved in Mardak had previously been the brains behind MICAbuild gave us the required confidence in them. We knew they understood the industry’s demands and that the product and support would be first class.  We were so confident in fact, that we placed an order and paid a deposit before Mardak had anything to show us!”

Bob went on to say, “Unusually, in my experience, we had no surprises in the run up to our ‘go live’ date and the training and installation ran efficiently. Implementation of the software went very smoothly. It was the easiest transition to new software that I have ever experienced.  We have now been using MCA for 3 years, during which time it has performed reliably and exactly as promised when we bought it. What more can you ask for?”

Amos Danby Ltd are another of our early clients who are celebrating their 3 year anniversary with us. Ted Allen of Amos Danby commented, “We chose MCA as we had previously been sold a system by other so called specialists, that promised everything but delivered nothing.  MCA has exceeded our expectations. As time has passed the system has shown that it can deal with all aspects of Construction. It is easy to operate and user friendly. The staff are always courteous and always professional.”

Other clients who have now been using Mardak Construction Accounts for 3 years are Halsall Construction Ltd and E G Carters & Co Ltd. Carters remain one of our largest clients. They are a general building contractor based in Gloucester and work on a variety of contracts which range in size from modest domestic and general works contracts through to £7 Million plus.

We would like to thank all companies for their loyalty and support over the years. It is greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you over the years to come.