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Edmont, long-established construction, joinery and fit-out specialists and previous users of our Evolution software were prepared for any difficulties in their transition after their decision to upgrade to the Evolution M software, which would allow them greater functionality to meet their growing business needs, particularly for reporting.

With experience of upgrading customers from generic software as well as other construction company specific systems, Integrity was well prepared for the challenge. We invited members of the Edmont team to a series of training sessions, ensuring they would be able to adapt their working practices to embrace Evolution M without compromising workplace productivity.

Their staff commended our training sessions, highlighting their ability to involve even the least IT literate members of their team. Edmont described the switch as a ‘subtle change’ – and one that they are certainly enjoying the greater rewards from.

Read the Edmont case study to find out more about their upgrade to Evolution M and the benefits they are now able to enjoy.

We believe upgrading construction software should be a hassle-free process. Read more about how we manage it through our seven step programme.