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Progress, for the most part, is an extremely encouraging thing for the construction industry. Technology will not stand still, and over the next few years we can expect to see new construction materials, new architectural techniques and brave new designs for both the interior and exterior of buildings come to the fore.

Many of these industry developments were premiered at the 13th annual International Construction Fair in Tehran this month. Industry experts and construction sector businessmen flocked to the exhibition to get a glimpse of the forthcoming technologies set to grace the industry, and they weren’t disappointed.

Among the developments were new and multifaceted construction software programs, innovative techniques for improving insulation and heat exchange and many other new construction technologies developed in Iran itself.

‘Events like Confair 2013 provide an insight into the directions the industry could take over the coming years and are useful insights into developments in other countries’, said Integrity Software’s Managing Director Justin Moule.

‘Not all of these new technologies will prove to be successful, but some of them might just change the way we approach global construction, especially when you consider the aspirations of the recent Construction 2025 strategy. It’s very exciting to see.’