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In April 2013, the way construction businesses report their payroll to HMRC is set to change as the new Real Time Information system comes into effect. The nature of the new RTI system - the requirement to report payroll information in real time to HMRC instead of at the traditional Year End period - created a need for construction accounting software providers Integrity Software to develop their systems in accordance with the new HMRC regulations.

Once the development of the software was complete, the next challenge was to help customers and users of Integrity Software to understand how to implement the new system in their own business and in accordance with their own Payroll workflows.

Integrity Software therefore created a dedicated RTI Training Workshop Programme to be held in locations throughout the UK to provide personal training to as many users of its construction accounting systems as possible.

"We have been delighted with the response from customers who are obviously keen to come along to a training workshop to understand the impact RTI will have on their business." comments Kerrie Pittaway, Customer Relationship Manager at Integrity Software.

At this stage a total of 7 events have been run throughout the UK and with just 3 remaining, Integrity are feeling confident that users have found the workshop programme to be a positive and useful experience.

Positive customer feedback

"When I first heard of the RTI workshops my initial reaction was to rely on the notes provided by Integrity nearer the time. However after deciding to attend the Sheffield Workshop I now realise this could have been a risk come April 2013. I am glad I took the time out to learn the full extent of RTI and understand how the new system will affect our business – we now feel confident of a smooth transition in April." commented Evolution user Paul Bell from Parkside Corporation Ltd.

If you are a construction business or customer of Integrity Software concerned about the impact of RTI please do not hesistate to contact our team for further information.