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The Labour Party has revealed plans to scrap the Green Deal – a government initiative intended to help improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of UK households – describing the current scheme as ‘woefully inadequate.’

The plans were unveiled in a policy document released at a recent party conference, with Labour proposing an alternative ‘Energy Save’ scheme designed to improve the environmental efforts of the construction industry.

The Labour Party, however, has been warned off scrapping the Green Deal completely, with industry leaders suggesting that to do so would be to cause more uncertainty in an already complicated scenario.

Instead, Labour has been encouraged to amend and improve the current scheme, rather than simply abandoning it. Scrapping the Green Deal, says Steven Heath of Knauf Insulation, would be a case of ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ and that ‘there is a good deal somewhere in the Green Deal that is fighting to get out.’

The Green Deal Finance Company has taken steps to defend their efforts, stating ‘the Green Deal is a sensible and cost effective way of meeting our EU obligations and protecting households against rising energy costs.’

With Labour yet to clarify their position regarding the Green Deal, the future of construction industry environmental targets remains unclear.


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