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The events are more than just a chance to have your questions about Evolution M answered – there’s plenty more going on. With events in Bolton, Coventry and Dublin to come in 2015 (and many more pencilled in for 2016), is it time to book a day out of the office to get more out of your accounting software?

In-depth support

We pride our support team on the effective phone support they provide, but we know that face to face support and guidance are even more useful. Integrity LIVE@ Events give you the opportunity to discuss any stubborn software issues with our team at length, with one to one support available throughout the event.

The LIVE@ Events also feature presentations on key software functions and tasks, including new or updated modules. Additionally, the Integrity team will share software hints, tips and shortcuts to help you improve the efficiency of your accounting software.

New features

Aside from the presentations, you can also discuss new features and functions in a more informal manner with members of the team. Have a chat with our staff and we’ll show you how new modules and software upgrades work – in a relaxed, non-sales environment. You can see how these new features operate in a test environment, ask questions, raise concerns and even try them out yourself.

At recent Integrity LIVE@ Events we’ve focused on a particular regulatory issue that effects all our clients: auto-enrolment pensions. These events are an ideal chance for you to discuss your concerns and questions about the new regulatory requirements with an expert.

Feedback on upcoming features

Be amongst the first to see where the future of Evolution and Evolution M lies. We’ll give you sneak previews of modules we’ve been working on, and we’ll welcome your feedback! This approach means we can build new modules that work for you. At recent events we’ve looked at in-development modules including e-trading, mobile procurement, supplier tendering, and several other upcoming products. These workshops are a fantastic opportunity to see what’s coming soon, giving you time to consider how these new features could fit your business plan.

Networking opportunities

Integrity LIVE@ Events are also networking events! There’s a separate breakout area (with free wi-fi!) for networking throughout the event, and refreshments will be available throughout the day. Light lunch will be served in the presentation area after the morning’s talks draw to a close.

Registration is FREE

It doesn’t cost a penny to register for an Integrity LIVE@ Event – and you’ll almost certainly gain much from your visit. The remaining Integrity LIVE@ Events of 2015 are as follows:

  • Macron Stadium, Bolton: Tuesday 3rd November

  • Ricoh Arena, Coventry: Wednesday 4th November

  • Croke Park, Dublin: Thursday 12th November

Register for any of these events (and future events as and when they are announced) at the Integrity Software Events webpage – or speak to your account manager for further information. You don’t need to be an Evolution or Evolution M user to attend – all are welcome.

Register for LIVE@ Events