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The UK construction sector has generated some encouraging figures over the past couple of months, with industry expansion encouraging a renewed sense of optimism amongst many of the country’s leading firms.

Increased demand for residential housing has been the driving force behind construction industry expansion, and the secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles has claimed that the Help to Buy scheme has played its part.

‘This government’s package of measures to boost the housing market is working,’ said Pickles. With 10,000 new build homes being reserved over the last four months, it’s difficult to disagree with him.

‘We are helping thousands of young people and families get on and move up the housing ladder’ added the secretary of state. ‘Britain is building again.’

While the Help to Buy scheme has certainly reinvigorated the property market, there are concerns that the recent signs of construction industry growth are over-reliant on unsustainable residential building. Unless commercial, civil and industrial projects become more widespread, it is feared that construction industry growth could prove short lived.

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MPs attempt to put an end to construction late payments

MPs attempt to put an end to construction late payments

An inquiry into the payment practices of Britain’s businesses has revealed some unsettling results for the construction sector. Apparently, the construction industry suffers from a higher proportion of late paying clients than any other sector, with committee chairwoman Labour MP Debbie Abrahams accusing the industry of harbouring a ‘culture of late payments.’

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