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In 2004, construction workers everywhere began to get excited about the prospect of a large amount of business headed their way, as Tony Blair introduced the biggest school building programme since the Victorian times: Building Schools for the Future. The Labour party were set to spend £55bn of the government’s money on rebuilding every secondary school in England, including new technology and classrooms that would inspire and encourage children to learn. However, the scheme moved along slowly and reports began to flood in that buildings were not up to the standards that they were promised to be, and in 2010, the Education Secretary Michael Gove shut the programme down.

The programme failed due to poor planning and overspending,  and when Gove axed the scheme, many construction workers were in the middle of lengthy projects, and lost out on money and work, leaving them quite in the lurch. Now, the scheme is back, and promises to be far better than the last.

David Laws, the Minister of State for Schools, announced the outcome of applications to the new Targeted Basic Need programme, that was launched in March of this year. The programme was introduced to provide additional funding for schools in areas where they are most needed, and invited local authorities to bid for funding for new schools or to expand existing outstanding and good schools. The total amount of funding allocated so far has reached over £5bn, which is more than double the money the previous government spent over the same length of time.

While this scheme is already progressing much faster and more successfully than the last, and is great news for the school and pupils that get to attend them, it is also fantastic news for many in the construction industry, who can expect to bid for sizable contracts to help with the scheme. The scheme has already been planned to run into 2021.

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Code of Sustainable Homes to be scrapped in regulation shake-up

Code of Sustainable Homes to be scrapped in regulation shake-up

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