Digitise your Health & Safety Processes

With the UK reporting 1.6 million cases of work-related ill health annually, it is important to ensure you are continually improving your company’s health and safety processes. 

In the construction industry it is particularly important to monitor the safety, wellbeing, and happiness of your workforce, given the challenge the industry presents. 

In addition to this, health and safety is also about ensuring you are compliant with regulations, to avoid legal fees and insurance issues which could cause problems for your organisation as a whole.

If you are considering re-evaluating your health and safety process, then digitisation may the next best step and you can do this with the help of our construction-specific accounting and management software, Evolution Mx.

Our Mobile Forms module allows construction companies to digitise all their on-site paperwork and forms, meaning they can be filled out using smartphones and tablets. This information is then stored within the Evolution Mx system. 

This can be used for Risk Assessments, Incident Report Forms and any other health and safety form your company may use, as it’s all customizable.

Benefits of using Mobile Forms include:
•    Workers can report incidents immediately from any location
•    Incident reports can be attributed to particular contracts
•    Digital trail for audits and to ensure compliance
•    No more lost paperwork as everything is saved into one system
•    Easier reporting and identification of high-risk areas

Another feature of our Mobile Forms module is that you can set up an approval workflow. This means that once a form is submitted - like an Incident Report - this can then be sent for approval to a manager before being uploaded into the system or attributed to a particular job/contract. 

Digitising health and safety not only demonstrates to your employees that you value their wellbeing and encourages your workforce to engage in safety culture, but in the long run this can lead to a reduction in accidents, along with boosting efficiency and most importantly complying with health and safety legislation.  

With so many fatalities occurring in the construction industry every year, it’s vital you ensure you’re abiding by all health and safety regulations to look after your on-site teams and minimise the risk of injuries and you can do this with the help of our software.
For more information watch our Mobile Forms webinar here: 

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