Sage Job Costing Replacement

Need a Sage Job Costing replacement?

Despite Sage’s announcement in September 2020 that they will no longer support Sage Job Costing as from October 2021, they are yet to offer a suitable alternative to their customers.

Not only does this show a lack of commitment and empathy for their user base, but failure to recommend or endorse one of their strategic partners shows a lack of confidence in their solutions, too.

Switch to Evolution Mx, a construction-specific alternative to Sage Job Costing

At this time, Sage users really only have two options. The first is to switch to a fully integrated, construction-specific alternative that can offer a fully integrated solution to handle job costing, subcontractors, applications, retentions and more.

Keep control of costs

Choosing a construction-specific solution such as Evolution Mx will enable businesses to keep tight control of job costs directly within the accounting system, getting foresight of potential overspends before they occur, allowing you to complete within budget more often.

Managing subcontractors, retentions and applications can all be handled directly within Evolution Mx, and with direct links to HMRC (UK) and ROS (Ireland) subcontractor verification is quick and easy.

Access to real-time analytics

Easily seeing contract performance in user-friendly, easy-to-read dashboards is another key benefit our customers appreciate. The alternative is to revert to manually recording job costs in Excel spreadsheets. This is both unreliable and risky, and doesn’t allow for effective collaboration between the commercial and finance teams.

A large number of  Sage users have recently made the switch up and down the country, as well as Ireland, to our construction-specific software, Evolution Mx, including Hennigans Building & Civil Engineering and DJT Surfacing, and are already reaping the benefits.

Cloud-hosted or on-premise: the choice really is yours

With both cloud-hosted and on-premise options available, Evolution Mx users have the choice of either method of deployment depending on their preference, and will not be forced down the route of cloud hosting as some Sage users have experienced.

Time to cut your losses with Sage Job Costing?

If you’ve had enough of investing in a software vendor that doesn’t care about your business enough to continue supporting and developing a business-critical software module, we’re here to help.

No "end of life" promise

With a no “end of life” policy, Evolution Mx users get the peace of mind that our software will be supported for years to come, allowing them to grow their business with the help of our construction-specific software.