Matching challenges to solutions: a software demo guide

See our software demo guide and how we are able to easily find solutions to all of your challenges right then and there…

Here at Integrity Software we create more than just intelligent job costing software packages – we build flexible, cost-effective software designed specifically for use within the construction industry. We know exactly what our clients are likely to expect from their construction accounts software and how to tailor our solutions to suit their needs, but we understand that some companies struggle in certain areas more than others and so need a little guidance when it comes to getting the most from their software. That’s why the first step of implementing our construction-specific financial management system includes an evaluation. Take a look at our software demo guide and how we are able to easily find solutions to all of your challenges right then and there…

Step #1 Evaluation

Before we begin to define the perfect software package for your business, you must tell us exactly what it is you’re looking for. Whether you choose to contact us via phone, email or a face-to-face meeting, we’ll run through the various challenges you face as a business and the improvements you would like to see in future. A number of our clients turn to us desperate to find a solution that will help simplify their job costing and subcontractor management processes, while others struggle to store records of invoices and various other documents due to lack of physical space or organisation available. Creating the necessary reports without software for support can take up large chunks of the day, while managing subcontractors can mean more files, pages and spreadsheets to keep track of. During the initial evaluation process we’ll explain exactly how our job costing software can help in great detail, and respond to your specific needs where necessary.

Step #2 Our demonstration

After we have explained how we’ll fit our software solution to your needs, we’ll arrange to come and show you exactly how your new software will work in action. We’ll bring our Evolution M system to your business and talk you through how a construction-specific financial system can consolidate your manual processes and provide both your financial and commercial teams business intelligence beyond the numbers. If you mentioned that you find the job costing process particularly gruelling we’ll guide you through our contract management module and tools that will help you to monitor progress and create excellent estimations for each construction job you take on. We’ll take each of your problems and show how to solve them over the course of our demo.

Step #3 Proposal

After we’ve (hopefully) wowed you with our demonstration, we’ll then go away and create a proposal, summarising the challenges you discussed and our proposed solutions to them, as well as highlighting all the other benefits construction software can provide for your business. We have various Evolution software packages available, so we’ll choose which functionality we believe is right for you and your business, and explain in detail why we are 100% sure it is the software package for you. Once you have agreed to the proposal, we move onto the planning. Our knowledge of the construction industry enables us to sympathise with your needs and create software packages that are designed to provide maximum support to those in the industry, implementing them without disruption.

If you’re interested in upgrading from your generic software system or investing in brand new software for the first time, get in touch with the team today to find out more about the services we offer with our job costing software.