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Operating throughout East Anglia and East London long-term client D A Cant Ltd has cemented its relationship further by scaling up with our award-winning Evolution Mx construction-specific management solution. 

Integrity Software’s Sales Director Wasim Ahmed explained:

“Having utilised our older products for a number of years, Clark and his team needed a robust system to help ringfence their long-term goals. Connectivity between the estimating departments and materials Purchase Ordering workflow, full digitization of the Purchase Ledger invoices and realtime business intelligence dashboards & notifications were just a few of the ‘must have’ functions in the new product. 

"After a thorough analysis of the market, they decided that Integrity Software’s solution and implementation approach was the best fit for them. 

"We look forward to continuing to support the team at D A Cant for many years to come."

If you’d like to see how our construction-specific accounting software, Evolution Mx, can benefit your business, book your demonstration today.