Pauley Ltd Upgrades to Evolution Mx

Based in Milton Keynes, Pauley Ltd, is an award-winning construction company that specializes in renovation, restoration, and new-build developments.

They are the latest Integrity Software customer to upgrade to Evolution Mx, the newest version of our construction-specific accounting software.

By upgrading to Evolution Mx, Pauley Ltd will benefit from several additional features such as Business Analytics, Document Management, and Invoice Register.

Business Analytics will allow Pauley Ltd to instantly generate key business reports with the most up-to-date information. Invoice register will allow them to speed up their invoice processing time as they can now receive invoices directly into the Evolution Mx system.

By boosting the efficiency of these core business processes, Pauley Ltd can spend more time focusing on their bespoke projects for their clients.

We look forward to continuing to support Pauley Ltd and guiding them through the implementation process.

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