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Evolution M TV ScreenWelcome to the Evolution M Knowledge Centre

This area is designed to help Evolution M users get the most from their system by providing system 'how to' guides, details of upcoming Customer Events and Webinars, plus guides on legislation such as Pensions and RTI. 


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How to Guides for Evolution M

We are now in the process of increasing the amount of information you can access online to help you brush up on old skills and learn new ones. Below are the How to Guides and Training Notes currently available for Evolution M.

Video Guides | Module Training Notes

Video Guides

Purchase Orders Module OverviewPurchase Orders Module Overview

This webinar is for users of the Evolution Purchase Orders module which covers how to create, amend and GRN orders, plus covers the Price Book functionality alongside generally housekeeping within the module.

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Cash Book Transactions - GroupingCash Book Transactions - Grouping

This session provides examples of how Cash Book grouped items occur, ways to resolve these items. This also covers how to reconcile the Cash Book to Nominal and gives tips on how to use the Cash Book Enquiry Screen.

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Purchase Ledger Payments, Cheques & Remittances

This webinar shows how to cancel a Payment with examples of how this works, covers the options available when reprinting cheques and how to enable the reprint of Payments and Remittances.

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Introduction to Plant Purchase Ordering

Overview of the new purchase ordering functionality for the Plant Management module within Evolution M. xxxxx

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Creating a mail merge using Evolution M

This video runs through how to export data into Microsoft Word to make use of the Mail Merge feature.

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Quick Reference Guide

Get to know Evolution M by downloading our Quick Reference Guide. Click here to download.

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Training Notes

Basic Functionality GuideBasic Functionality Guide

  • Accessing Evolution M
  • Navigating the menu structure
  • Generating user views
  • Exporting Data to Excel

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Nominal, VAT & Report GeneratorNominal, VAT & Report Generator

  • Setup of Cost Centres and Nominal Accounts (p1 - p3)
  • Setup of recurring Nominal/Contract journals (p4 – p13)
  • Using the VAT Return tool (p17)
  • Nominal & Contract Budget Maintenance (p20 – p23)
  • Nominal & Contract Report Generator (p33 – p45)

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Contract, Sales & Cash Book Training Notes

Contract Ledger including:

  • Contract Maintenance (p1)
  • Journal Posting (p8)
  • Contract Enquiry routines (p12)

Sales Ledger covering:

  • Customer maintenance (p17)
  • Sales transaction processing (p19)
  • Customer Enquiry and Reporting (22)

Cash Book covering:

  • Creating a Bank Account (p29)
  • Cash Book Postings (p32)
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation (p39)
  • Cash Book Listing (p41)

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Payroll Setup & Processing

  • Employee maintenance (p3)
  • Outline of procedure for processing Payroll (p12)
  • Entering pay details and using the Calculate Payroll program (p15)
  • Printing payslips (p20) and re-printing payslips (p28)


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Purchase & Subcontractor Processing

  • Supplier Maintenance (p1)
  • Subcontractor Maintenance (p5)

Supplier processing routines including:

  • Supplier Transaction Posting (p13)
  • Suppiler Enquiry (p19)
  • Contract Enquiry (p22)

Subcontractor processing including:

  • Subcontractor Order Maitenance (p24)
  • Subcontractor Transaction Posting (p28)
  • Subcontractor Enquiry (p35)

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Purchase & Subcontract Payment Processing

  • Supplier Payment Processing (p1)
  • Purchase Reports (p13)
  • Subcontractor Payment Processing (p16)
  • Subcontractor Reports (p35)

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Purchase Ordering

Maintenances associated with Purchase Ordering (p1 – p4)

Purchase Order Processing including:

  • Entering, amending, printing orders (p5 – p8)
  • Cancelling & completing orders (p13 – p14)
  • Purchase Order enquries (p15)
  • Reports (p23 – p24)

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