Mobile Forms

Digitise all of your paper-based site forms with our Mobile Forms module. This means no more lost paperwork or data as all information entered automatically updates the system against the relevant contract.

Use Existing Forms

Use Existing Forms

Complete Offline

Complete Offline

Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Benefits of Mobile Forms

  • Incorporate your existing forms and/or design new ones
  • Information and images are saved directly to the system and relevant contract/site file
  • Easy to complete, with drop down choices, photo and signature capture
  • Can be completed offline, for submission later
  • Approvals process can be triggered automatically
  • Generate customised reporting based on the data collected



How does it work?

The easy to use Form Designer allows you to create and publish your own mobile site forms. Features such as drop down boxes, tick boxes, photo/file attachments and signature capture ensure your forms are suitably tailored to your business.

Once created the forms can be published to relevant site workers' mobile devices, where they can then be completed, both online and offline.

Risk assessments, accident forms, health and safety paperwork are some examples of the kind forms you could be creating with this module.  Some, or all of these, can be automatically directed through any required approval process.

The image of the completed form is then saved on the system against the appropriate contract.  The data collected can be used to produce your own customised reports and dashboards.


All information compiled from the mobile forms is automatically saved into the Evolution Mx system. With this data you can then create customised reports and dashboards tailored to your business needs.

This module can also help ensure that your company is compliant with Health and Safety legislation, by managing relevant documentation such as risk assessment forms and accident reports. 

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An additional benefit to using our Mobile Forms module is that they can be submitted into workflows for approval and authorisation. This could be useful when dealing with incident forms and other Health and Safety documentation. 

This allows you to ensure forms are being filled out correctly by workers and email notifications can be set up to ensure any necessary action, or follow up, can be taken swiftly. 




See Mobile Forms in action

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